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Find the perfect trip

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Once you’ve chosen your destination, browse through the flight options.

  • We’ll show you when it’s cheapest to travel, who you can fly with and how much it will cost, all on one screen.
  • The Smart Filters let you narrow down your search so you can specify your preferred airlines, flight times and price range in just a few clicks!
  • If you’re ready to go, you can book your flight now. If not, create a Travel Plan – this will save all your trip research in one place.

Keep your research safe

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Don’t lose your research – save it in your very own Travel Plan.

  • You’ve decided on a destination, got a flight in mind, but you’re not quite ready to travel. Don’t worry, click on ‘Save this search’, give your search a name and come back to it at a later date.
  • You can also create your Trip Plan and add different searches and flights to it. Add a name, description, some tags to help you remember the type of holiday you have in mind and choose a picture from our library.
  • It will then be stored in the My Plans section of – your very own collection of Travel Plans. You can always edit your plans and add new searches, flights, links...

Share your ideas with friends or the world!

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Now your trip is really starting to take shape. So why not share it and get some input from friends and fellow travellers?

  • Once you’ve built your Travel Plan with tags, a picture, useful web links and a description, you’re ready to share it.
  • You can invite a group of friends to view your Travel Plan by adding their email address. We’ll send them an electronic invite to access your plan so they can give you suggestions and share tips for the destination you’ve chosen.
  • Or why not share your Travel Plan with the world, by making it ‘Public’. This might inspire others looking for a similar trip.

Ready to go?

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You’ve found the perfect holiday, now let’s book the flights and go!

  • You can select a flight from your search results or one you’ve saved in a Travel Plan by clicking on ‘Book this flight’. Choose from one of the booking sites displayed.
  • These companies work with to carry out the final steps– book your flight and issue you with a ticket.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions on the booking site you have selected, add your personal details and payment information. Now you’re ready to take to the skies!

Some top tips before you leave

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We’ve got some final tips to help you on your way.

  • What’s the weather forecast like where you’re going, what local currency will you need, is there a time difference, have you got a city map, do you need directions from the airport?
  • So many questions, but we have it all covered. Just click on Trip Tools for all the destination information you’ll need.


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When you sign up to, you’ll join a community of people who love to travel!

  • Log in and you can access all your activities: Travel Plans you’ve built, your complete Collection of saved plans, Invitations from friends to view their holiday ideas and much more. Don’t forget, you can edit your Travel Plans anytime you like.
  • And as your Profile becomes more detailed, we’ll be able to show you holidays we think you’ll enjoy.
  • Sign up today and have fun with travel!